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If the global financial crisis has you scared to death of losing your job, and sick and tired of depending on a boss for your pay, I have great news for you...

"Discover My Step By Step Videos That Shows You Exactly How To Start Your Own Profitable Internet Business...Even If You've Never Made A Sale Online Before!"


It won't happen overnight, but it's easier and FASTER than you think. My new video course shows you how to do it... only 72 easy-to-follow lessons!

From: Anders Eriksson

Date: Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Future Internet Business Owner,

Have you heard the stories and thought they were crazy?
  • A housewife with no Internet marketing experience starts making almost $15,000 a month online within six months
  • An "average" guy creates an online business selling birdcages...and sells the business for $173,000 a year later
  • A frustrated young father makes six figures within 12 months selling other people's products
Stories like that are all over the place. They're real. It is possible to make eye-popping, jaw-dropping income online very quickly, even if you're starting from scratch.

I know because I did it myself, but I took the long road to get there. If I had known then when I know now, I could've had the life I dreamed of literally years sooner.

Imagine making 6 figures from EACH internet business you set up (and you can set up as many as you want!):

So I ask you to read every last word of this letter, because I'm going to tell you some of what I know, and offer to tell you the rest...and it could change your life dramatically.

Announcing The "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch"  Videos!

The Complete Step-By-Step Course To Starting An Internet Business From Scratch!

This is the simple, straight-forward course I wish I'd had years ago. It's precisely the resource I needed.

Years of teaching everyone from people brand new to the Internet to people who already make a living online convinces me this course is what you need as well.

Here's what I mean...

  • I'm going to give you a solid business foundation. NONE of the "get rich quick" garbage ever gives you this, which is why I struggled for so long.
  • I'll hand you a fundamental understanding of Internet marketing, beyond the hype. There's plenty of hype out there, and it's a distraction. It certainly won't help you achieve your goals.
  • I'll explain the core business model you should use. Not 50 models—just ONE that works. That, my friend, is the power of focus that missed in my early days online, and it's the bedrock of my success today.
  • I'll show you the simple way to snowball your success. Making your first online sale is great. Replacing most or all of current "day job" income is wonderful. But what's next? If you expect to rest on your laurels and have your success last, you're in for a rude awakening. I'll show you how to keep your results (and your financial freedom) healthy and growing.
In a nutshell, I'm going to give you the instruction course I didn't have, which should cut years off of your learning curve. You won't get rich overnight, but you can easily see success within a year.


Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Video Course Now!
It's Not Overnight, But It Is Easy

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

That's true, but don't overdo it! It's a fact that overnight wealth is too good to be true. Even if you do everything you should do, you won't be me tomorrow.

But it's definitely NOT true that you have to struggle for years before you "get" it enough to make a solid income from the Internet. My course will certainly shortcut the process dramatically if you'll follow my advice.

This Is Like Internet Marketing For Dummies!
(Even Though You're Not One)

You're not stupid. But learning new things is a challenge for grownups...and my "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" videos makes it easy.

I'm sure you've heard of other "courses" and probably taken a few. What's different in this case, though, is how my course does things.

Years of teaching others has shown me how to present what I know so it shoots straight into a person's brain and sticks there like glue. Part of the trick is presenting information in the right order so a person can "get" it right away.

There's a real science to it, and how I've laid this out reveals the method.

Never In History Has It Been This Easy To
Strike It Rich In 12-18 Months

I'm sure you've heard the hype out there. I don't deny it exists. The pitch usually goes something like this...

"Buy my simple system and you too can be an Internet Millionaire by this time next week. If you can tie your own shoes, you'll be living the life of Donald Trump by next month!"

You've seen that commercial, haven't you? Sure you have, and you know it's bunk. It's a lie.

The only legal thing that will make you rich in a week, or a month, or even a year (at least most of the time) is winning the lottery. And the odds of that happening are much lower than the odds of getting struck by lightning.

But there's a baby that gets thrown out with that bathwater.

There are plenty of ways to change your financial life for the better within 12-18 months.

It's easily possible to replace your current income, for example. Have a job you hate? Then you can kill it fast by starting your own Internet business.

It's reasonable, it's doable, and real people just like you are doing it every day. The "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" video series shows you how to do it for yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the world of Internet marketing. If you can understand how McDonald's sells hamburgers, you can understand Internet business!

The Life-Changing
"Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" Videos!

This is the practical course I wish I'd had when I started!

There are six basic lessons of this course (which you can download in only minutes), which will give you the nitty-gritty detail about what to do and how to set things up.

Here's a taste of what's inside...

Branding Your Business

Establishing Your Presence On the Internet
Creating Your Blog
Setting Up Your Newsletter
Building Relationships
Promoting To Your Subscribers
Some Quick Methods Of Monetization
...and MUCH more...

The four extended lessons of this course reveals my proven ways on how to make the best use of Private Label Rights (PLR) products to promote and grow your business.

Here's a taste of what's inside...

How To Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Products To Build Your List

How To Use PLR Material To Setup A Newsletter Series
How To Create An Entire Website Using Only PLR Material
How To Quickly Setup An Online Store
...and MUCH more...

The four Twitter specific lessons of this course shows how I set up a Twitter account from scratch that - within hours - had over 50 followers.

A few hours later I had over 100 followers. I did this by following only a very small part of what I show you in these videos. Look at the screen shot below, and how fast my follower count is going - and I didn't even do ten percent of the work I tell you to do in the video series...


Here's a taste of what's inside...

How To Setup Your Twitter Account

How To Customize Your Twitter Background
Which Third Party Tools To Use To Optimize Your Twitter Account
How To Get A FLOOD Of Followers Every Day.
How To Properly Market Your Site On Twitter
...and MUCH more...


The six eCommerce Store / Prestashop specific lessons of this course will teach You everything You need to know to set up your down loadable product store in just a few hours.

Prestashop is an all in one solution that enables you to put together an on line shop and integrate it effortlessly with your payment processor(s).

Now anyone from the biggest corporation to the smallest of businesses can have a professional looking shop set up in under an hour.

Here's a taste of what's inside...

How To Install Prestashop On Your Server

How To Set Up A Downloadable Product Store
How To Configure Your Site - Part 1
How To Configure Your Site - Part 2
How To Configure Your Site - Part 3
How To Create a Custom Logo For Your Store


Each lesson in the basic and the extended series, as well as in the Twitter, and Prestashop specific series is of course short and to the point!

It's about making you an Internet Business, not entertaining you (although the material is indeed pretty fun to watch, if I do say so myself).

"There's No Fluff, No Wasted Time And No distractions"


"But What If I'm Afraid Of My Computer?"

I guess the short answer is that you need to get over that! Really, it's tough to be successful in Internet business is you're scared of your PC.

But here are two things you need to hear loud and clear:
  • You do NOT have to be some kind of computer genius to be successful on the Internet! I'm no genius and I'm doing quite well, thank you. You need some simple skills that literally anybody can learn.
  • All you need is some simple instruction about "the basics". That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing painful.

I have included 26 practical "how-to" videos in this package as well, that covers everything from understanding how HTML works to advanced topics like integrating video into your web pages.

It's like having a Internet business technical adviser on call twenty-four hours a day!

You'll get access to these right away, and you can use them whenever you need them.

- That's a $97 value at no extra charge!


These Videos Put Together Is An Entire Internet Business Launch Pad!

Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!


..But Wait - Still More To Come..

I have also included 6 ebooks to complement the videos, giving you the nitty-gritty details about why you need to do certain things, what to think of, and even includes a reference to the videos showing you how to set those things up.

Here's a taste of what's inside the 6 part ebook series...

"Your first ebook sets the stage for
everything else you'll learn"

Part #1 - It's where you'll discover:

An overview of everything I'm going to teach you, so you'll have an idea of where you're headed and the results you'll achieve.
The success mindset you need (this was THE key to my own success, and you can think the same way once I open your eyes).
The tools you'll need...and it's a surprisingly small number.
The quickest, easiest (and free) method I know of to research demand, which is the key to your profits.

As with the videos, this ebook is short and to the point. You'll find that's true of ALL of the ebooks. There's no fluff, no wasted time and no distractions.

"Your second ebook teaches you where
your products will come from

Part #2 - Please note that I said your products, not somebody else's. I explain it all inside. This is where you'll discover:

How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today...which took some serious detective work to locate, and didn't even exist when I got my start.
The easy way to analyze any product (or product component) from any source to see if it's a winner or a loser...and be right 99% of the time.
My simple method for customizing a product to make it "yours" quickly and easily.
3 simple ways to recover your investment in any product in literally days (yes, that means fast money, and maybe even big money).

This ebook starts your income stream flowing, and sets you up for the next ebook where you'll build your core business platform.

"Your third ebook shows you how to set up
your long-term business system

Part #3 - This is where it really starts to get exciting as you can see the possibilities for your own business, rather than just some stranger's theory about how it should go.

Here's where I'll show you:

8 ways to offer your product that will attract buyers like ice cream attracts kids.
How to set up your system, including how to make the simple, quick site you need to sell your product.
The easy, step-by-step way to write the stuff you need to write, like sales copy, your autoresponder messages...the works (and I really show you, with examples, sample copy for various pages, what to say in emails, everything you need).
Links to my personal stash of the very best resources to do the work you can't (or don't want to) do yourself.

..and, as I say inside this part; this is where the rubber meets the road and your long-term business starts to take shape.

"Your fourth ebook will explain how to get all
the traffic you need, and then some"

Part #4 - Your website will be dead in the water unless you attract visitors who want to buy what you're selling.

Here's where I'll show you:

My core traffic strategy, which combines free methods and paid methods to get you started fast and grow your business to levels you might think are insane even to dream about.
8 free traffic strategies that can give you avalanches of traffic for years without costing you a dime.
3 paid strategies and the EASY way to use them so you won't spend sleepless nights worrying about runaway costs (who needs that aggravation?)

Inside you'll also get references to videos on topics like how to submit an article to the most effective article site on the web, how to make a simple one-minute change to your web pages that will help you crush the Google rankings for your keywords (yes, for free), and more.

Your business will be ready to pay you big-time at this point!

Now all you have to learn is how to ramp up your business into a long-term profit powerhouse.

"The fifth ebook is the one that's most personally exciting for me,
because it really is the missing link"

Part #5 - This ebook contains information that most newbie IM'ers will never learn -- and because they don't, they get stuck in the same frustrated place I was for years.

Inside, I'll show you:

The place where your money really gets made (here's a hint, you might think you're sitting on it...but you're not)
3 different ways to take your business beyond the "quick money" stage to the "long-term profit engine" stage, and yes, these are both easy and proven.
3 specific tactics for making more money on every single sale you make, almost right away...and the simple copywriting tips to let you do this with confidence.
How to marry affiliate marketing (promoting other people's products) to your own products and explode your income, just like I did.
The almost laughably easy way to make money on autopilot for months or years...from a single sale to one customer!

And don't forget the videos! You'll get additional videos on topics like how to set up multiple products at your payment process, how to redirect pages to affiliate products, and more.

"The sixth, and final ebook is packed
with advanced material"

Part #6 - The prior ebooks give you the core, but this one's going to launch you into orbit!

Here's what I'll show you:

11 mind blowing strategies for growing your profits to obscene levels...and doing it in a way that will make your customers love you.
How to use one of those strategies to build yourself an army of promoters who will bring you far more customers than you could get on your own.
9 "out of the box" strategies the pros use (and some they don't know about) to reuse what you already have to multiply your profits quickly.

..and as I mentioned above, you'll get an additional 26 videos, on topics covering how to set up a subscription payment at PayPal, how to post a job at an oursource site that will get you great bids fast, and more.



Don't Just Take My Word For It - Check Below..



Using this course when compared to others, is like the difference between climbing to new heights on a rickety, old stepladder, and rising to new heights by way of an escalator! It's that good!

I've spent so much money on different things in a period of about 5 years, and I've never received such complete, and comprehensive information about how to work the internet marketplace as I have in this course.

I like the fact that you don't use all of the bells and whistles like pop-ups, and flashing lights.

I like the simplicity of the content because there is nothing included to distract from the lessons.

You make everything so clear that even a beginner would be able to understand.

You helped me to get my imagination working in overdrive, and no one has ever inspired me like this before!

You have taught me what to do, and how to do it.

I will be 70 years old in December, and I just want to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I can't thank you enough for that!

I also think that you have priced this way too low for what it contains in value, but I really understand your wanting to give back.

It's the old lesson that you have to give it away to receive it, and there aren't enough people in this world that understand that principle.

Make it as awesome a day as you've made mine!

Linda Michel White
Senior Entrepreneur
My Website:


Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!


And Here's The Very Best Part...Hold Onto Your Hat

Based on what you just read about what's in the course, you know this thing is easily worth at least $997 without even thinking about it.

But I know even that's a stretch for folks in today's economy, so you won't pay that.

You'll pay only $997.00 $497.00 $297.00 $97.00 $47 for my "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" videos... or less than you'd pay for burger meal at a fancy restaurant!

And I'm so confident that you're going to love this that I'll back it up with my...


"No-Questions-Asked, Full 60 Days
100% Money Back Guarantee!"

This really couldn't be simpler.

I want you to give this a thorough workout. Use the lessons. Take my advice. Prove it works.

Give it a workout for a full 8 weeks.

If you can't make it work for you, or if you simply aren't satisfied with your results, let me know and I'll return every penny you gave me, no questions asked. And I'll let you keep everything as my free gift.

I don't know how to be more fair than that!

Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!


Think about what I'm offering you here...

If Financial Freedom Were 12-18 Months Away...

Would You Take It?

I guess that's a simple question, but you'd be surprised. Some people too afraid to pitch their "secure" job (which isn't so secure, is it?) and claim financial freedom for themselves.

That's not some kind of gimmick. It's just the truth.

You have to decide if you want financial freedom bad enough to put in a little effort (and my system makes it far less than you might think), take a little risk (hey, this isn't free) and be willing to take charge of your life.

Ask yourself...
  • Do you want to be free of the worries of having a "job" control your life?
  • Aren't you tired of feeling helpless or powerless while other people seem to find (and exploit) opportunities all the time?
  • To be even more blunt...isn't it about time you had the time and the money to do what you want to do, instead of being forced to do what you have to do?

If you answer "yes" to any or all of those, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Grab Your Copy Of This Amazing Course Now!


..But Wait - Still More To Come..

In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following three hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my video course right now...

Super Fast Action Bonus Memberships..

Lifetime Silver ($27 Value) Membership To

Inside you'll discover 6 sure-fire profit producing ideas including:

  • A business model that saves you the hassles and headaches of product creation and dealing with customer service!
  • Another simple strategy that gives you at least five different ways of making money fast!
  • How to succeed without a website, without a product and without even creating a word of content

Lifetime Silver ($27 Value) Membership To

Inside you'll discover some of my best email marketing strategies, including:

  • The three essential factors you need to start building a responsive list!
  • A startlingly simple way to create an email list that everyone wants to join!
  • 3 surprisingly easy ways to make money with your list!

Lifetime Silver ($27 Value) Membership To

Inside you'll discover the most effective, time-tested tactics to consistently get your offers in front of as many prospects as possible:

  • The truth about harnessing the power of social media marketing! (Hint: Most marketers use it for the wrong reasons and then wonder why they get such dismal results!)
  • You'll discover how to find and recruit joint venture partners who're eager to stuff your pockets with cash!
  • A tip to absolutely dominate both pay per click marketing and the organic search engine results!

Let Me Show You How To Become A Successful Internet Business Owner - You Will NOT Regret It

I know what it's like to be stuck in a job you don't much like (or even hate).

I remember having a dream that seemed maddeningly out of reach for so long that I felt like giving up.

Now I'm offering you the chance to bypass the job loathing, the "getting started online" frustration and the sleepless nights.

You can fast forward to success at dizzying speed instead.

It won't all be a bed of roses. You'll hit some speed bumps along the way. You're going to have to work and learn. But you won't have to struggle and feel helpless or hopeless.

I created the "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" videos for people like you. The ones who are sick and tired of feeling insecure because their income depends on somebody else...who can fire you.

You don't have to be a prisoner anymore. You can take control of your life, and make your dreams come true.

All you need is this simple instruction course...

Grab your copy and start changing your life now!

Yes Akwa Niger - I Want The Entire Set Of "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" Videos Now!

I understand that this is the chance of a lifetime, so I want to take it!

Give me the "Creating an Internet Business from Scratch" videos immediately.

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