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Secret Marketing Strategies: Volumes #1 - #10
by Larry Dotson
Copyright © 2006 by Larry Dotson, LLC.
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The Table Of Contents
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #1
1. The "Hidden Value" Strategy
2. The "Confident Sell Out" Strategy
3. The "Bombarded" Strategy
4. The "No Install" Strategy
5. The "Plug It" Strategy
6. The "Lock It In" Strategy
7. The "They All Did" Strategy
8. The "Personal Partner" Strategy
9. The "Lying Down" Strategy
10. The "By Yourself" Strategy
11. The "It's Possible Now" Strategy
12. The "Left Behind" Strategy
13. The "Important" Strategy
14. The "First Things First" Strategy
15. The "Heard It All Before" Strategy
16. The "Does The Same Thing" Strategy
17. The "Write This Down" Strategy
18. The "Once In Awhile" Strategy
19. The "No Complaints" Strategy
20. The "Every Day" Strategy
21. The "They Don't Know" Strategy
22. The "Upside Down" Strategy
23. The "Head Start" Strategy
24. The "Not Yet" Strategy
25. The "Leave And Lose" Strategy
26. The "Success In Common" Strategy
27. The "Not Much Room" Strategy
28. The "No Recording" Strategy
29. The "Enrollment Fee" Strategy
30. The "Let's Talk" Strategy
31. The "Sell And Raise" Strategy
32. The "Membership Perks" Strategy
33. The "Already Own It?" Strategy
34. The "New And Cheap" Strategy
35. The "Are You Prepared?" Strategy
36. The "Thanks For Support" Strategy
37. The "Tell Me A Story" Strategy
38. The "Part 2" Strategy
39. The "My Stats Say" Strategy
40. The "Keeping A Secret" Strategy
41. The "Heard This Before?" Strategy
42. The "Misprint" Strategy
43. The "Make It Longer" Strategy
44. The "Official Launch" Strategy
45. The "I'm Surprised!" Strategy
46. The "Call Me" Strategy
47. The "If You're Like Me" Strategy
48. The "O.T.O. Buzz" Strategy
49. The "Won't Believe It" Strategy
50. The "Years Into Minutes" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #2
1. The "Code Cracker" Strategy
2. The "Admit It" Strategy
3. The "Change Your Mind" Strategy
4. The "Truth" Strategy
5. The "Full Profits" Strategy
6. The "Twisted Their Arm" Strategy
7. The "Jumping Around" Strategy
8. The "Health Warning" Strategy
9. The "Not Created Equal" Strategy
10. The "Eye It Yourself" Strategy
11. The "Fix Or Fear It" Strategy
12. The "Product Retirement" Strategy
13. The "Web Site XXX" Strategy
14. The "Read The Proof" Strategy
15. The "Mirror It" Strategy
16. The "High Failure Rate" Strategy
17. The "Living Proof" Strategy
18. The "Having Hard Times?" Strategy
19. The "Buy Or Read" Strategy
20. The "Last Time" Strategy
21. The "Through The Wringer" Strategy
22. The "Future Release Bonus" Strategy
23. The "Spill The Beans" Strategy
24. The "Meet In Person" Strategy
25. The "Negotiation" Strategy
26. The "Sell And Profit All" Strategy
27. The "Going To Lose" Strategy
28. The "We'll Pay You" Strategy
29. The "Huge Favor" Strategy
30. The "Later On" Strategy
31. The "Only Live Once" Strategy
32. The "Whichever Comes First" Strategy
33. The "Guess" Strategy
34. The "No Scare" Strategy
35. The "Funny" Strategy
36. The "They Threaten Me" Strategy
37. The "Roadblocks" Strategy
38. The "Panel Of Experts" Strategy
39. The "Early Advantage" Strategy
40. The "Broke And Depressed?" Strategy
41. The "Ahhhh" Strategy
42. The "Business Meeting" Strategy
43. The "Buy Vs Create" Strategy
44. The "Make Them Smile" Strategy
45. The "Bad Review" Strategy
46. The "One Word Translation" Strategy
47. The "Heard It Before?" Strategy
48. The "Beta Version" Strategy
49. The "Sell One" Strategy
50. The "Unbelievable Story" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #3
1. The "Hidden Link" Strategy
2. The "It's Your Fault" Strategy
3. The "Read Before Resell" Strategy
4. The "It's Being Sold" Strategy
5. The "It's Your Turn" Strategy
6. The "Broke And Homeless" Strategy
7. The "Under A Rock?" Strategy
8. The "Try It" Strategy
9. The "Fall For It" Strategy
10. The "Relaunch" Strategy
11. The "Turn The Tables" Strategy
12. The "Over The Shoulder" Strategy
13. The "Invest In Yourself" Strategy
14. The "Heard The Gossip?" Strategy
15. The "Just Remove It" Strategy
16. The "Kid" Strategy
17. The "Long Run" Strategy
18. The "Register Or Refund" Strategy
19. The "All In The Name" Strategy
20. The "Have A Drink" Strategy
21. The "They Said Yes" Strategy
22. The "Illegal Copying" Strategy
23. The "First To Reply" Strategy
24. The "Rules" Strategy
25. The "My Conditions" Strategy
26. The "JV And Discount" Strategy
27. The "Affiliate Bribe" Strategy
28. The "Small Catch" Strategy
29. The "First Reaction" Strategy
30. The "Starter" Strategy
31. The "They Are Mad" Strategy
32. The "Be Truthful" Strategy
33. The "Fire Dates" Strategy
34. The "Early Commission" Strategy
35. The "Letter Requests" Strategy
36. The "This Isn't Average" Strategy
37. The "1st Ever" Strategy
38. The "$1 Bombshell" Strategy
39. The "Wrong Advice" Strategy
40. The "P And C" Strategy
41. The "Mad Accountant" Strategy
42. The "Keep The Secret" Strategy
43. The "Time Released Benefit" Strategy
44. The "Single Question" Strategy
45. The "Puzzle" Strategy
46. The "Visit Their Site" Strategy
47. The "Surprise Hint" Strategy
48. The "Red In The Face" Strategy
49. The "You Upset Yet?" Strategy
50. The "Team Of Affiliates" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #4
1. The "Do The Math" Strategy
2. The "Untold Success" Strategy
3. The "Full Control" Strategy
4. The "Help Wanted" Strategy
5. The "Reimbursement" Strategy
6. The "Big Case" Strategy
7. The "Primary Objective" Strategy
8. The "I've Done Everything" Strategy
9. The "Disturbing" Strategy
10. The "Search Engine" Strategy
11. The "Last Call" Strategy
12. The "JV With Me" Strategy
13. The "I'm Retiring" Strategy
14. The "Good Investment" Strategy
15. The "Few Words" Strategy
16. The "Be My Guest" Strategy
17. The "Pre-Launch Income Secret" Strategy
18. The "IQ Quiz" Strategy
19. The "Cash And Prizes" Strategy
20. The "Please Tell Me" Strategy
21. The "Launch Countdown" Strategy
22. The "Secret Gift" Strategy
23. The "Read And Learn" Strategy
24. The "I Upset Them" Strategy
25. The "I Beat Out" Strategy
26. The "Bonus Contributions" Strategy
27. The "Future Release" Strategy
28. The "Beneficial Secret" Strategy
29. The "Almost Lawless" Strategy
30. The "Important Visit" Strategy
31. The "Hard Luck" Strategy
32. The "Multiple Profits Link" Strategy
33. The "Money Question" Strategy
34. The "Give Away And Earn" Strategy
35. The "Right Person" Strategy
36. The "It's Different" Strategy
37. The "Time Machine" Strategy
38. The "Not Just Anyone" Strategy
39. The "Unrestricted" Strategy
40. The "Started From Scratch" Strategy
41. The "One Time" Strategy
42. The "You Need This To" Strategy
43. The "First Time" Strategy
44. The "Better Than Me" Strategy
45. The "Mystery Formula" Strategy
46. The "Past Purchase" Strategy
47. The "Control Panel" Strategy
48. The "Funny" Strategy
49. The "Not All Here" Strategy
50. The "Hide And Seek" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #5
1. The "My Next Product" Strategy
2. The "Make Up Your Mind" Strategy
3. The "Reasons For Refunds" Strategy
4. The "First To Promote" Strategy
5. The "No Big Competition" Strategy
6. The "Timed Rights" Strategy
7. The "Resell And Commissions" Strategy
8. The "Heavy Hitters" Strategy
9. The "I'll Advertise You" Strategy
10. The "Testimonial Tilt" Strategy
11. The "Easy Or Hard" Strategy
12. The "Main Goal" Strategy
13. The "Be Social" Strategy
14. The "I Bet" Strategy
15. The "No Trick" Strategy
16. The "Help More People" Strategy
17. The "Use It Or Else" Strategy
18. The "Quick Fix" Strategy
19. The "Product A Day" Strategy
20. The "Offline vs. Online" Strategy
21. The "Beneficial Web Site" Strategy
22. The "If You’re Broke" Strategy
23. The "Reverse Bonus" Strategy
24. The "Any Industry" Strategy
25. The "First Place Discount" Strategy
26. The "Low And High" Strategy
27. The "Just Guess" Strategy
28. The "Constructive Criticism" Strategy
30. The "Past Product" Strategy
31. The "One Now, One Later" Strategy
32. The "Is Bigger Better?" Strategy
33. The "Don't Give Up" Strategy
34. The "Never Done Before" Strategy
35. The "Pick Your Level" Strategy
36. The "Right Stuff" Strategy
37. The "Buy Low And Profit" Strategy
38. The "Going Public" Strategy
39. The "Clarification" Strategy
40. The "If You See This" Strategy
41. The "More Than Most" Strategy
42. The "Intimidation" Strategy
43. The "They Don't Brag" Strategy
44. The "Nothing To Show" Strategy
45. The "Lower Than Others" Strategy
46. The "Similar Suggestions" Strategy
47. The "Read And Benefit" Strategy
48. The "Don't Skip A Word" Strategy
49. The "Live Or Recorded" Strategy
50. The "It's Not For Sale" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #6
1. The "A Free Physical" Strategy
2. The "Domain Symbolism" Strategy
3. The "Encyclopedia Of Proof" Strategy
4. The "As Your Own" Strategy
5. The "Give Them A Hint" Strategy
6. The "Broke A Record" Strategy
7. The "VIP Treatment" Strategy
8. The "Market Removal" Strategy
9. The "Don't Hate Money" Strategy
10. The "Build Your Credit" Strategy
11. The "Poetry Profits" Strategy
12. The "See It First" Strategy
13. The "Big Bucks First" Strategy
14. The "Bonus Lockdown" Strategy
15. The "Hide And Seek" Strategy
16. The "Better Than The Best" Strategy
17. The "Watch For This" Strategy
18. The "Buy And Copy" Strategy
19. The "Overnight Miracle" Strategy
20. The "Bills, Bills, Bills" Strategy
21. The "Save In The Future" Strategy
22. The "A Team Sport" Strategy
23. The "Pajama" Strategy
24. The "Limited Install" Strategy
25. The "Fast Affiliate Sales" Strategy
26. The "Official Count" Strategy
27. The "Answer And Save" Strategy
28. The "Random Winnings" Strategy
29. The "Greatest" Strategy
30. The "JV Payback" Strategy
31. The "Stop Selling" Strategy
32. The "Old Bonus" Strategy
33. The "No Room Here" Strategy
34. The "You'll Never Benefit" Strategy
35. The "Version 1 And 2" Strategy
36. The "This Is About You" Strategy
37. The "He's Annoying" Strategy
38. The "Spend More, Save More" Strategy
39. The "A Story About You" Strategy
40. The "Benefit Or I'll Help" Strategy
41. The "No College For Me" Strategy
42. The "No Purchase Reasons" Strategy
43. The "Meet My Customers" Strategy
44. The "Personal Guidance" Strategy
45. The "Next Success Story" Strategy
46. The "Price Explanation" Strategy
47. The "What Will It Take?" Strategy
48. The "Model My Customer" Strategy
49. The "Face To Face" Strategy
50. The "Blunt" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #7
1. The "Refund Of Success" Strategy
2. The "Physical Rewards" Strategy
3. The "Poor Affiliate" Strategy
4. The "A Matter Of Time" Strategy
5. The "Be My Shadow" Strategy
6. The "Affiliate Compliment" Strategy
7. The "Sliced Bread" Strategy
8. The "What's Your Level?" Strategy
9. The "Piece By Piece" Strategy
10. The "JV Repayment" Strategy
11. The "Everyone Needs It" Strategy
12. The "Short Guarantee" Strategy
13. The "I Took Notes" Strategy
14. The "Random Commission" Strategy
15. The "100% Faster" Strategy
16. The "Paparazzi" Strategy
17. The "2006" Strategy
18. The "Date Of Possession" Strategy
19. The "Loyalty Bonus" Strategy
20. The "Limiting Belief" Strategy
21. The "Forever And Ever" Strategy
22. The "2 For 1 Release" Strategy
23. The "Proof Of Income" Strategy
24. The "Years Of Commissions" Strategy
25. The "Story Of Pictures" Strategy
26. The "Legal Protection" Strategy
27. The "Extra Entries" Strategy
28. The "Short Quotes" Strategy
29. The "I'll Pay For Theirs" Strategy
30. The "Free Or Fee" Strategy
31. The "Update History" Strategy
32. The "Techno-Phobic" Strategy
33. The "Resell It First" Strategy
34. The "Bad Boy" Strategy
35. The "Enjoy Life" Strategy
36. The "Movie Ticket" Strategy
37. The "Expensive Eyes Only" Strategy
38. The "First Day Dilemma" Strategy
39. The "Click Of A Mouse" Strategy
40. The "Copy Your Dream" Strategy
41. The "Worldwide Problem" Strategy
42. The "Just Say Yes" Strategy
43. The "No More Physicals" Strategy
44. The "It Still Sells" Strategy
45. The "Sooner The Better" Strategy
46. The "Replace It" Strategy
47. The "Snooze And Loose" Strategy
48. The "Tag Team" Strategy
49. The "Search For Us" Strategy
50. The "Advertising Bonus" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #8
1. The "Your Future First" Strategy
2. The "Become Famous" Strategy
3. The "Sooner Than Expected" Strategy
4. The "My Affiliates Results" Strategy
5. The "I'll Help You Profit" Strategy
6. The "Renew The Interest" Strategy
7. The "Quit Wondering" Strategy
8. The "Survey Sales Letter" Strategy
9. The "Set And Forget" Strategy
10. The "Hard To Value" Strategy
11. The "Blog Reviews" Strategy
12. The "It's Overwhelming" Strategy
13. The "Weekly Success" Strategy
14. The "Its' Like A Vacation" Strategy
15. The "Don't Regret It Latter" Strategy
16. The "Why Invest More?" Strategy
17. The "Expert Credentials" Strategy
18. The "Taking A Dare" Strategy
19. The "Certificate Showoff" Strategy
20. The "Choose Your Words" Strategy
21. The "It's Like, After This" Strategy
22. The "Constant Improvement" Strategy
23. The "If You’re a, You'll" Strategy
24. The "Not A Dime" Strategy
25. The "I'll Pay You" Strategy
26. The "No More Questions" Strategy
27. The "Can I Help?" Strategy
28. The "Individual Attention" Strategy
29. The "Team Of Experts" Strategy
30. The "What Is Important?" Strategy
31. The "Picture This" Strategy
32. The "Donate After Purchase" Strategy
33. The "Stuck Up" Strategy
34. The "Certification Card" Strategy
35. The "Lost In The Mail" Strategy
36. The "Work With Me" Strategy
37. The "Older Is Better" Strategy
38. The "Use Of Force" Strategy
39. The "They All Made Mistakes" Strategy
40. The "Helped Them All" Strategy
41. The "Pay Attention" Strategy
42. The "Under The Sun" Strategy
43. The "In Your Shoes" Strategy
44. The "Specific Investment" Strategy
45. The "Experts Aren't Wrong" Strategy
46. The "Product Goals" Strategy
47. The "Expensive Education" Strategy
48. The "Low Paying Jobs" Strategy
49. The "No Gurus Policy" Strategy
50. The "I've Been Naughty" Strategy
Secret Marketing Strategies - Volume #9
1. The "Physical Rights" Strategy
2. The "Dictionary" Strategy
3. The "Guess Who?" Strategy
4. The "Jason Lives" Strategy
5. The "Birthday Reminder" Strategy
6. The "How Did You Feel?" Strategy
7. The "Perfect Timing" Strategy
8. The "Don't Be Scared" Strategy
9. The "Automatic Transmission" Strategy
10. The "Reverse Psychology" Strategy
11. The "Freebies Aren't Junk" Strategy
12. The "Click it Again" Strategy
13. The "Take One Path" Strategy
14. The "Remember The Special" Strategy
15. The "I'll Do It Tomorrow" Strategy
16. The "One Won't Do It" Strategy
17. The "Never Pay Again" Strategy
18. The "It Always Works" Strategy
19. The "Buy Just One More" Strategy
20. The "Lucky Order Button" Strategy
21. The "Know Everything Yet?" Strategy
22. The "Real Time Contest" Strategy
23. The "Countdown Till Liftoff" Strategy
24. The "Good Old Days" Strategy
25. The "Complete Overhaul" Strategy
26. The "It Don't Work Anymore" Strategy
27. The "Leave Now" Strategy
28. The "Resell It Bribe" Strategy
29. The "Stats Say It Sells" Strategy
30. The "Help My Friend" Strategy
31. The "This Years Hit" Strategy
32. The "Solve The Riddle" Strategy
33. The "Theirs Sold Out" Strategy
34. The "Reality Stats" Strategy
35. The "You Get It All" Strategy
36. The "Prove Me Wrong" Strategy
37. The "To My Knowledge" Strategy
38. The "Disturbing Pics" Strategy
39. The "Urgent Action Bonus" Strategy
40. The "Shareware Tip" Strategy
41. The "Unknown Expert" Strategy
42. The "Used But Expensive" Strategy
43. The "Silent Testers" Strategy
44. The "Personal Envy" Strategy
45. The "Think Of This?" Strategy
46. The "Timeless Collection" Strategy
47. The "Your Last Purchase" Strategy
48. The "Price Hold" Strategy
49. The "Focus On This" Strategy
50. The "Pay More, Pay Less" Strategy

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