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From: Michael Hopkins (
RE: Making Money Selling Software and Ebooks


Dear Friend,

iii.gif (224 bytes)'m willing to bet that you wouldn't pay $27 for a copy of 'Autoresponder Magic' -- even if you desperately wanted it this very moment.

     Am I right?

   After all, that ebook can be downloaded for free on thousands of websites right across the Internet.

     The same goes for 'Million Dollar Emails', ''Scientific Advertising', 'Magic Letters' and a whole host of other popular titles.

     Now don't get me wrong, those are great ebooks that deserve their huge reputations. But as reseller products they just don't cut it! You'd be really lucky to make one sale in a week.

     And that's the problem with most of the reseller packages on the Internet today. They're full of yesterday's ebooks and yesterday's software and yesterday's videos. They're full of products that nobody's willing to pay for anymore.

     Let's be realistic here...

     To generate a PROPER INCOME as a reseller, you need to offer the very LATEST and most SOUGHT-AFTER titles. You need to promote products that people are willing and happy to BUY.

     Well, now you can!

In the Total Resale Package
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     Each product comes loaded with a Ready-to-Go Sale Page written by some of the web's Top Marketers. All you have to do is plug in your order link, send the page online and you're ready!

You'll Own Master Resale Rights
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Social Traffic Profits -- Video Series

Social Traffic Profits -- Video Series

Discover how to quickly and easily gather high-converting customers and leads for your niche by using the main social networking sites!

In this step-by-step video series, you'll learn how to use MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers and StumbleUpon to grow your business and increase your profits -- regardless of what niche you're in.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Ebay Profit Pack

Top up your PayPal and ClickBank accounts simultaneously and earn 100% commissions paid instantly into your PayPal account!

This sophisticated new eBay niche website can be branded and cloaked with your affiliate links within minutes -- ready for uploading and earning!
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Email Demon

Discover the simple way of writing emails that make money every time.

In this 11-part video training course you'll discover exactly how people just like you have used powerful email marketing strategies to make $705 with one email, in one hour, with a very small list.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



The UFO Enigma

- Is the moon hollow?
- What is the "Mothership" theory?
- What really happened at Roswell?
- Are we the result of genetic engineering?
- What are Transient Luminous Objects?
- Who are the Men in Black?

These are just some of the many questions explored throughout the 36 documents dealing with the 'alien question' in this exciting and stimulating book.
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Twitter Marketing Power

Are you looking for quality information to provide to your subscribers?

If so, then this is for you.

This brand new private label e-course lets you teach your subscribers how to harness the awesome power of Twitter to successfully promote their own internet business.
Retails at $9.97


You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Link Directory Submitter 3.0

Forget asking for a link exchange... directory submission is the key to strengthening your Google Page Rank AND increasing your overall Search Engine ranking!

Link Directory Submitter helps you simplify the task. Brand new version 3.0 includes more than 2,700 directories -- to help you get more backlinks more quickly and more easily!
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Easy PDF Maker SoftwareEasy PDF Maker Software

Finally here's an EASY way to publish stunning PDF files, without wasting a lot of time and money.

With Easy PDF Maker software you'll be able to easily create PDF ebooks in minutes -- and with a minimum of fuss.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Ultimate Survey Wizard

Do you constantly worry about the product or service you're offering and it's possible success or failure? How would you like to be able to predict the success of a product and your website? Better still, how would you like to have your customers specifically tell you what they want to buy from you?

You can do all these things -- and more -- with Ultimate Survey Wizard!
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Psychic Popups Software

Psychic Popups Software

Finally, an easy way to squeeze more profit out of your exit traffic.

This desktop software predicts the very moment someone tries to leave your website and stops them in their tracks with a profit-pulling
Unblockable Exit Popup!
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



10K in 30 Days! (Video)

If you're looking for a proven method to generate cash online, then this may be the most important video you'll ever watch!

All you have to do is copy the money-making tactics this marketer used to earn 10k in 30 days flipping websites.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



PLR Cable -- Web TV Software

Would you like to get instant 24-hour access to thousands of TV stations, movies, online videos, YouTube clips and lots more?

The software features full episodes of popular television shows (House, Lost, 24, Heroes, The Simpsons…), streaming channels, news, full-length movies, videos, and streaming radio. It also includes direct video streams from Justin.TV, millions of video clips from YouTube, original programming from Revision3, and much more.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Staying Young

Do you feel left out when it comes to trying to look young and keep up with other people your age? Do you feel as though your body has been “run down” like an old vehicle on its last legs? Those feelings not only affect you physically, but they can also affect you mentally.

This report shows you easy ways to start looking younger now -- without forking out big money on temporary solutions. Before you know it, you’ll be looking better and better every day!
Retails at $

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Power Linking Secrets (Audio)

You already know that getting good rankings on the search engines is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. If you’re not at least on the first page of Google, then you’re probably getting 10 visitors per MONTH – hardly enough to make a decent income!

Power Linking Secrets will give you the untold secrets on improving your search engine rankings that the top marketers have known for years.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Scribd Traffic Roadmap with MRR

Scribd Traffic Roadmap - Videos

Scribd is a platform for creating, distributing, giving away or selling documents such as PDFs, DOC files, Text files and more.

You can use it to distribute articles, give away ebooks, and so on. Best of all, you can use it to drive lots of people to your website.

In this guide you'll learn how you can use Scribd to promote your online business and develop your reputation as an expert in your chosen niche.

Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Be Yourself Seduction

Be Yourself Seduction

Learn how to seduce beautiful women without acting fake, without following a complicated system, and without being a "weirdo."

No more phoney routines, no more stress, and no more feeling rejected.

The "holy grail" of seduction!

Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Super Money EmailsSuper Money Emails

Do You find writing email autoresponder messages difficult? Do you have the creative juices of a fish?

Introducing "Super Money Emails", your complete 'fill-in-the-blanks' autoresponder follow-up message system in a box.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Film Making - Learn the Basics to Becoming a Film MakerFilm Making - Learn the Basics to Becoming a Film Maker

Have you ever wanted to make your own film?  Is there a story you want to tell? You might think that it's impossible -- well it's not!

In this ebook, an independent film insider gives you the necessary information in filmmaking that it would take a couple years in college to get.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Important Note...

You DON'T have to download every single product in the Total Resale Package right away!

Simply download the Total Resale Master Ebook (less than 1 Mb) and you'll be able to access ALL current and future products any time you want. Download some of them today. Download some of them tomorrow... or next week, or next month or next year...

There are no passwords to remember. There are no download pages to bookmark. In short, there's no hassle and there's no hurry!



Auto Tweet Generator

Tweeting when you're away from your computer has never been easier.

Auto Tweet Generator is a small PHP script you can use to automatically tweet your messages for you every day. It's the autoresponder for your Twitter account! You install it in about 5 minutes then login and set up your messages. Your Twitter account is now sending your followers valuable content on autopilot!
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Hub BlueprintHub Blueprint

In this PDF ebook, an average Joe reveals how this 'silly-simple' Web 2.0 website brought in 10,658 FREE visitors in just 6 days!

It's a simple strategy -- and you can replicate it for any online niche.
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



My Keyword Crook Software

Save time building keyword lists for your next niche website by leveraging your competitors' efforts!

In a nutshell, this software draws in thousands of keyword phrases that someone else has painstakingly researched. Then, as if by magic, it removes the unwanted parts and leaves you with a massive list of highly-targeted keyword phrases, ready to be used for profit.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Dream Psychology

Are you interested in learning what your dreams mean?  And more importantly, what they reveal about you, your desires, and your secrets?

You'll learn that -- and more -- in Freud's classic work "Dream Psychology".  Painstakingly brought into the 21st century in an easy-to-read PDF format, this ebook is pleasing to the eye, delightfully simple to navigate, and very interesting to read.
Retails at $9.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Outsourcing Secrets

No matter how small your online business is, as it starts to grow, you're going to need extra with different aspects of getting things done. For example, getting traffic, creating content, writing sales pages, customer support...

In this guide you'll learn how to outsource both the mundane and difficult tasks -- and how to find reliable freelancers to do them, without wasting a LOT of time and money.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



The Author's Craft

The Author's Craft

The practical, step-by-step guide to becoming a successful author.

The Author's Craft for breaks the mold of all the other writing books and manuals you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to successfully write -- regardless of whether you're writing novels or plays, prose or non-prose.
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



The Beginner's Guide to PPC

The Beginner's Guide to PPC

Is your online business floundering because you have yet to master PPC programs like Google Adwords?

In 'PPC For Beginners', you'll learn the strategies for creating keyword-rich ads that increase your monthly online income -- and how to get your PPC campaigns paying back multiple times your original investment.
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



IM Product Creation Simplified IM Product Creation Simplified Now you can create your own Internet Marketing products quickly and easily!

This package consists of 16 modules with full, unrestricted PLR, written and targeted for the beginner audience.

You can use these modules to create brand new internet marketing related products of your own!
Retails at $17.00


You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Online Legal protectionOnline Legal Protection

If you're not careful, you can end up facing a BIG lawsuit by simply ignoring small (but vitally important) details on your website.

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know in order to keep you and your internet business legally protected online.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Get Paid to Golf

Get Paid to Golf!

Couldn't make the PGA Tour if your life depended on it? Now it doesn't matter, you can still make a living playing golf. You don't have to be the best. You don't even have to win to get paid!

Lots of people are currently making a handsome living just from playing golf. How is this possible? Find out in this 'tell all' guide!
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Twitter Boom with Master Resale Rights

Twitter Boom

Are you a complete novice when it comes to marketing your business using Twitter?

In "Twitter Boom", you'll get a shortcut straight to all the techniques that are essential to you as an internet marketer -- without the padding and fluff.

This is truly Twitter marketing for non-techies.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Instant Reseller Tutorials

Learn how to turn your resale rights products into a constant flow of profits.

This video series will show you how to take any resale rights, private label rights or affiliate sales product, and set it up so that it's ready to sell. After watching these videos, you'll be able to turn your resale rights products into automatic cash-generating machines.
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



21 Ways to Raise Cash Fast

21 Ways to Raise Cash Fast

How would you like to discover 21 different methods of generating cash anytime you like?

In "21 Ways to Raise Cash Fast" you'll get exactly that: 21 methods, you can use to raise cash quickly for an emergency -- or simply to add more to your bottom line!
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



50 Sites That Pay You to Write

50 Sites That Pay You to WriteDid you know that there are websites out there that will pay you to provide content for them?

It's true! AND, you can even generate extra traffic to your website (or affiliate products) while earning!

If you're able to do any little bit of writing at all, (or if you could do with some extra income), then you owe it to yourself on this list of 50 websites that pay you to write.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Web Elements - Over 3,500 Graphics

Graphics Expert in a Box

Become your own graphics designer with a few simple clicks -- and create professional quality graphics to help sell your products and services like crazy!

Designed for PhotoShop users, 'Graphics Expert in a Box' will have you churning out ebook graphics, CD DVD graphics, software box graphics and more -- in no time flat.
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Ultimate Exit Popup SoftwareUltimate Exit Popup Software

Why let over 95% of your visitors leave your site
without spending a single Dime... When there is
a tool that will stop them in their tracks and
suck them right back in?

This easy-to-use software creates REAL exit popups that only appear if your visitor REALLY leaves your site (by, for example, hitting the 'back button' or closing the window.)
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Hypnosis Mania: Unmasking the Mysteries and Powers of HypnotismHypnosis Mania: Unmasking the Mysteries and Powers of Hypnotism

Hypnotize yourself and others to recovery, to prosperity, and to a much better life!

Learn what's true (and what's not) about hypnosis and discover how to use it to increase your confidence, break from bad habits, lose weight, and excel in life.
Retails at $19.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Fitness -- Home Workouts for that Perfect Body

Fitness -- Discover Home Workouts For That Perfect Body

Getting your body in great shape is not nearly as difficult as you may think! The only catch is knowing what steps to take in a home workout routine, and which mistakes to avoid!

In this guide, you'll learn exactly how to plan the home workout routines that are the best for you -- and avoid the pitfalls that can slow you down or be counterproductive!
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Offline MarketingOffline Marketing

Discover simple offline promotional tactics for any online business!

Despite what you might think, you're not restricted to using only online tactics when it comes to promoting your website.

In this guide you'll learn how you can promote your website -- without ever logging on to the internet!
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Super Affiliate Video Marketing

Super Affiliate Video Marketing

Discover the right way to drive free targeted traffic to your website or blog -- AND boost your search engine rank -- with video marketing!

Learn how to get started with video marketing, how to upload your videos to multiple video sites, how to embed your videos into your website or blog, how to track your video statistics, how to make money with your videos, and more...
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights 



Exit Profit Generator 2.0

Exit Profit Generator 2.0

Exit Profit Generator is a small php script you can use to generate mini 'exit traffic marketers' for as many websites you want. 

As soon as the EPG gets a sense someone is about to leave your site it jumps into action, funnelling the traffic where you want it to go before its gone forever.
Retails at $20.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Permanent Weight Loss The Natural Way

Permanent Weight Loss The Natural Way

Are you fed-up with the supplements and the diet pills that never work? Are you tired of wasting money on those “Name Brand” diets that come and go with each year?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then it's time to step off the “dieter’s treadmill” and start feeding your body NATURALLY.

In this guide you're going to discover that you CAN lose weight with a system that you can stick to. You are going to discover that you CAN keep the weight off and you are going to discover that you CAN finally have the body of your dreams.
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



PLR Profit Formula

PLR Profit Formula

Learn the magic formula for making a fortune, over and over again with private label rights products, even if you have no knowledge, no skills, and have no idea where to start!

PLR Profit Formula is a 26-page, fact-filled, how-to manual that shows you a simple, step-by-step process which anyone can follow.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Traffic Lottery Web 2.0 Script

This is an easy-to-install PHP script that enables you to run a traffic lottery on your own website!

Traffic is highly sought after and using this script you can make it available to others for free. In the meantime, you can make money through banner ads, Adsense (which is integrated) and by sending participants to your offers.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



The Great Big Book of Hilarious Jokes to Share With Your Friends!

Get Private Label Rights to the one ebook that everyone will want! You can brand it with your website links (or affiliate links) and drive traffic to any website, regardless of your niche.

All you have to do is start giving this ebook away -- and allow others to give it away too -- and you'll instantly have your own viral machine that can send you traffic, sign-ups and sales for years to come.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Private Label Rights



Twitter It! Video TutorialTwitter It! Video Tutorial

This video tutorial provides you with a thorough introduction to the Web 2.0 social media phenomenon that is

This comes complete with private label rights (PLR) so, you can use this video to promote other Twitter related products of your own -- or third-party affiliate products.
Retails at $8.75

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Cheerfulness as a Life Power

Learn to Look on the Sunny Side of Things!

Cheerfulness as a Life Power is a classic work that has been artfully brought into the 21st century to bring its powerful lessons to a new generation of people that desperately need it now more than ever. This ebook, with its anecdotal stories, medical commentary, sage advice and thought-provoking ideas, will provide you with all the reasons and lessons you need to develop the very essential sense of cheer within yourself. 
Retails at $7.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Writing Riches

Writing Riches Multimedia Course

Discover a simple business model where you can easily earn amazing sums of cash!

In this detailed multi-media course you'll learn how to generate income by becoming a freelance broker. Don't know what that is? Don't worry, this course explains everything you need to know to get started today.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



All About Internet Marketing

All About Internet Marketing (PLR Newsletter)

Get your hands on 24 ready-to-go newsletter issues with unrestricted Private Label Rights!

Each issue teaches your readers what internet marketing is, how it works, and how they can use it to market their own products on the internet. It only takes a few minute to customize all 24 issues -- then, just add them to your autoresponder.
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Social Marketing Superstar

Social Marketing Superstar Video Course

If you really want to be successful in your market, you need to find and attract hungry crowds of buyers. All of the traffic in the world won't help you if it's untargeted -- people who just don't want to buy your stuff.

In this video course you'll learn how to exploit the tremendous power of social marketing to experience a flood of traffic an opt-ins within 72 hours or less -- even if you have tried ALL other forms of marketing in the past and failed.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Newbie Traffic Secrets

Learn how to get hoards of highly-targeted traffic flowing into your website with this straightforward guide to traffic generation.

Inside "Newbie Traffic Secrets", you'll discover how you can use the exact same techniques that most of the top marketers use to bring constant streams of traffic to their websites every day.

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights



Child Safety OnlineChild Safety Online

Children being are approached online by people they don't know at an alarming rate. The majority of them are under the age of 15. Is your child in danger of becoming a statistic?

This guide introduces you to all the potential dangers that the internet poses to your child -- and teaches you how to make sure your child doesn't fall prey to the web's darker side.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights 



Public Domain Fast Videos

Did you know that you can create quality ebooks, videos, audios, etc. using public domain material that's freely available online.

In these video tutorials you'll learn how to get started with public domain content, where to find it, how to know it's REALLY in the public domain, and lots more.

Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



There are LOADS more Products with Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights Contained Inside the Package Itself -- FAR Too Many to List them All Here!

Here's a sample to give you an idea...

- Stress Management - Break Free From a Stressful Lifestyle ($17.00)
- Web Elements: Over 3,500 Graphics ($47.00)
- The Secrets of Microsoft Word ($14.95)
- How to Pull Money From Any Resale Rights Product ($27.00)
- SlideUp FX Software ($17.00)
- Quick Profit Secrets ($7.00)
Recession Survival ($17.00)
- Going All Veggies -- A Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian ($7.00)
- Your Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Own Ebook ($7.95)
- Save Your Marriage ($7.00)
- Learn the Guitar -- How to Become a Guitar Pro ($17.00)
- Six Pack Abs -- Secrets to the Best Abs Ever! ($17.00)
- Web 2.0 For Newbies ($37.00)
- Blogging 101 - Blogging Your Way to Profit ($17.00)
- How to Write and Publish Your Own Books ($7.00)
- Video Clip Minisite Builder ($27.00)
- Budget Travel - Save Hundreds When You Go On Vacation ($17.00)
- Audible Store Generator ($27.00)
- Beauty For Newbies
- Sales Intimidator Software ($67.00)
- How to Adopt a Baby ($17.00)
- Traffic Heist: Underground Traffic Generating Strategies ($17.00)
- Zero to Fifty in 30 Days ($7.00)
Ebook Money Machine ($27.00)
The Beginner's Guide to Playing the Piano ($17.00)
- Paid Surveys - Get Paid Taking Surveys in Your Spare Time ($17.00)
- Free College - Save Thousands of Dollars on College ($29.95)
- Traffic Mayhem - 1 Million Free Visitors ($47.00)
- Graphical Opt-in Box Collection ($17.00)
- PC Safety 101  ($19.97)
- Auto Launch End Software ($7.00)
- One Million Dollars - One Year  ($47.00)
- Article Page Machine Software  ($97.00)
I Can, Therefore I Will ($19.95)
- Adsense Revenue Exposed ($37.00)
- Trend Cockpit Software ($27.00)
- $100 A Day Income System ($97.00)
- The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle  ($39.00)
- Generating Daily Traffic to Your Website Quickly ($9.97)
- The Newbie's Guide To Making Software ($37.00)
- Instant Webmaster Video Set ($19.97)
- How to Generate Emergency Fast Cash on the Internet ($19.97)
- The Sales Letter Creator ($67.00)
- 10,000 Dreams Interpreted ($22.70)
- Impact Web Audio Software ($37.00)
- 101 Ways to Stop the Money Leak ($24.95)
- How to Stop Your Depression Now ($17.00)
- Delicious Diabetic Recipes ($14.95)
- The Complete Free-to-Sell Package version 6.1 ($49.97)
The Subliminal Black Book ($29.95)
- 404 Self-improvement Tips ($19.00)
- Learn to Play Guitar ($47.00)
- How to Create Profit-Pulling Toolbars for Free! ($34.97)
- The Complete Library of Cooking ($39.97)
- eWhiz Ad Creator ($29.00)
- For Sale Secrets - Sell Your Home for More Profit ($17.00)

- The Gold Collection Software Package ($19.95)
Website Conversion Secrets ($27.00)
Achieving Lift Off!
Robert Plank's Super Six ($67.00)
Virtual eBiz ($27.00)
- Sports Arbitrage Profits ($97.00)
- Niche Products Power Pack #1 ($97.00)
- How to Win the War of 'Net Marketing
Ebay EXTREME Version 4.0
Profit Pulling Reports
Ready-Made Niche Website Templates ($27.00)

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     In short, give the Total Resale Package a thorough test-drive. You've got a full 8 weeks to make up your mind.

     And, if you decide it's not for you, no problem. Just let me know and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. AND I'll let you keep the entire package for yourself as my way of saying 'thanks' for trying it out!

     You just can't lose.

     So, don't put it off. Get your 100% risk-free copy right now, and judge for yourself how much the Total Resale Package is worth to you when compared to the few dollars it costs.

Let's Do a Quick Recap.
Here's What You Get Today in the
Total Resale Package...


A HUGE Collection of the NEWEST Software, Ebooks and Video Tutorials on the Internet.
The Total Resale Package is so complete and so up-to-date it's virtually unrivalled anywhere online.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS (or PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS) to EVERY Single Product in the Package.
You'll get professionally written sales pages that are designed for maximum sales. It takes just minutes to get started and I've included complete instructions.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to the Total Resale Package itself!
You'll get a replica copy of this website that you can use to sell the Total Resale Package to others! 
With a professional website like this, how long do you think it will take to recover your investment? One week? One day? One hour...?

FREE, Automatic Upgrades!
You'll continue to have the LATEST ebooks and software to offer your customers
because I'll keep investing on your behalf. All you have to do is download them, enjoy them and sell them.

A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools for Yourself.
Remember, this is not just about making a massive income as a reseller. You'll also own a huge collection of Ebooks and Software that are loaded with insider tips, handy tricks and useful tools.

Easy Access to All The Products -- Right From Your Desktop!
There are no pages to bookmark or passwords to remember. Just download the small 'master ebook' today and you'll be able to download any and all of the products in the Total Resale Package whenever you want, right from your desktop.

An Iron-clad GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.
Try out the Total Resale package for a full two months completely risk-free. If you're not 2000% delighted with your investment, just let me know and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. It's that simple.


Total Resale: The DYNAMIC Software and Ebook Resale Rights Package
Now, before I finish, I just want to make one thing absolutely clear...

     This is not some fly-by-night product that will be outdated in 2 months time. The Total Resale Package has been constantly evolving and improving -- ever since it launched back in 2002. It's truly an investment in the future.

     I operate one of the most successful ebook-related sites on the Internet (

     I've been doing this since the days when computer screens were two shades of green, so I know the electronic publishing business inside out.

     That's why I've put this package together. I know what people want and I know how to deliver it. The Total Resale Package is the premier Reseller Package on the Internet and I plan to keep it that way.

     And don't forget, you've got a full 2 months to decide if this is the best investment you've ever made in your life.

     So go ahead, and order this unique package now. You'll gain immediate access to these powerful products together with your own complete arsenal of money-making websites.

Yes Michael! I Want Instant Access to The Total Resale Package so that I Can Start My Own Online Ebook and Software Business.

I understand that, by ordering today for just $47, I will get all of the following...
  • A HUGE Collection of the Software, Ebooks, Videos and Marketing Tools.

  • Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS and/or PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to EVERY Single Product in the Package.

  • Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to the Total Resale Package itself!

  • Ready-to-Go Sales Websites for EVERY Product PLUS a Copy of THIS Website to Sell the Package as a Whole!

  • FREE, Automatic Upgrades For Life!

  • A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools that I can Use for Myself.

  • Complete, Easy-to-Follow Instructions for Getting Started.

  • Just ONE Small File to Download Now. I Can Download the Contents of the Package ANY TIME I Want.

  • An Iron-clad, 2-Month GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.

Just $47
-- Including Free Updates For Life --
Note: This is a one-off payment, there are no ongoing fees.

Order via
Instant Access

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Order via
Instant Access

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

This Package is Compatible with Windows PCs only.

  HONESTe Online Member Seal

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Here's to your success!

Me with Gabriel, Susan, Jacob and Alan
Michael Hopkins

P.S. Remember, you get over $1,900 worth of quality products with Master Resale Rights (or Private Label Rights) together with Plug-n-Go Sales Pages for every product -- all for one absurdly low price. You also get Master Resale Rights to THIS PACKAGE and a copy of THIS SALES PAGE to use for yourself.

P.P.S. You've got a full 2 months to try the entire Package Risk-Free. If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and I'll refund every last penny - no questions asked. What's more, I'll still let you keep everything - including the Resale Rights!

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Still Not Sure?
Visit the FAQ Page to Find Out More.

  Just in...

Ebook Rebranding SuperTips

Harvey Segal (the guy behind the excellent SuperTips range of ebooks) has just releasd the latest ebook in the series: Ebook Rebranding SuperTips.

It's short, sweet and fascinating. (Be sure to read it to the end, there's a superb twist in the tail...)

Ebook Rebranding SuperTips is now available in the Total Resale package.


There's no better way to learn how to set up a resale rights package than by watching someone else do it in real time.

And that's precisely what you get with these 12 easy-to-follow videos that take you step-by-step through the setup of a real-life reseller package.



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